#FFXIV “Prelude” Bard Performance


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This post is about “Prelude” that I played by Bard performance ! (๑╹ω╹๑)

Please check how nice that music in this movie ↓



It got over 100 retweet on Twitter↓


My Prelude perform is based on score of this movie↓

There are only 3 octave in FFXIV so I cut 2 measure from this.

When I have seen Tweet that Prelude perform of someone, I felt it was not so bad but only that. So I tried to perform better XD

I think this is best of mine but it seems that everyone don’t think so ?

I heard we can use more 2 octave after next patch. When it comes, I’ll make Full version of “Prelude” !



Category : FFXIV


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